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The Best Banana Bread Recipe EVER

I was never obsessed with banana bread until my mom introduced me to this recipe. It is the banana bread recipe she swears by and one that I have come to share with many others. I have made this bread multiple times for my boyfriend, and he and his roommates love it. While this isn’t […]

The Media Gets Eating Disorders Oh So Wrong

In the last few weeks or so I have been thinking a lot about eating disorders, mental health, and the like since I have been posting a lot more on here. In particular, I started to think a lot about how the media portrays eating disorders. I have seen eating disorders represented in a couple […]

Battle of the Selling Apps: Poshmark, Mercari, & Depop

In one of my first few posts I talked briefly about selling your unwanted clothes, accessories, and houseware items online. I mentioned that there are a variety of apps out there and which one will work best for you really depends on what you’re trying to sell. So in this post I am going to […]