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Real Sh*t: New Year’s Resolutions are Trash (sorry not sorry)

Each and every year I swear it’s always the same old sh*t. Someone (or sadly more than one person) will say to me, “whats your New Years resolution this year…” Following up with “mine is to lose weight and eat healthy…do you want to join me?” -how typical. I want to start by saying, at […]

2020 Wasn’t All Bad…

2020 was a year of many things…good, bad, and ugly. It was one of blessings and many changes for me. I got my first full time job post college, began a relationship with an amazing guy, and made big strides in my mental health journey. But more importantly I had a lot of time to […]

Holidays & Eating Disorders: When Family is Triggering

For those of us in ED recovery the holiday season can be a lot of things- scary, anxiety provoking, etc. Typically we spend the holidays with my fathers family. My dad’s family being Portuguese are huge into their food. They also are huge into providing unfiltered, unwanted advice and commentary when it comes to women […]